What Are the Essentials of Bohemian Interior Design?

We are willing to bet that you have encountered bohemian interior design at some point in your life whether you knew it or not; it is a colorful, textured, multi-cultural mixture of unique layers and aspects that’s hard to overlook thanks to its one-of-a-kind nature. The term “bohemian” refers to someone who is different from the norm and often enjoys the arts (1). Therefore, it’s a great choice for interior design if you want to create a colorful and lively space that is full of visual stimulation and has a relaxed atmosphere. But what is it that makes the boho style so unique and popular and how can you make sure that your home has the ideal aesthetic for it?
A bedroom featuring bohemian interior design

What Is Bohemian In Interior Design?

Bohemian interior design is characterized by bright colors, patterns and earthly tones. Unlike minimalist Scandinavian or modern interior design, a bohemian home decor welcomes maximalism and fosters individual self-expression via the arrangement and stacking of different fabrics, art works and decorative artifacts from all over the world. 

When it was originally introduced in the late 20th century and early 21st century, it was hugely popular, especially among young adults. (2)

Boho styles are inspired by people who lead unconventional lifestyles, such as artists, authors, and frequent travelers. Their free spirits are reflected in the Boho design through the individualistic look which each person chooses to incorporate in their home; no two Bohemian homes look alike.

If you’re seeking a look that you can genuinely call your own, then this style might be the right one for you!

boho wooden furniture

What Are Bohemian Colors?

When it comes to bohemian interior design, warm earthy tones, bright colors and jewel tones are prevalent. Consider rich browns, emerald greens, and grays for base hues, and then decorate with more saturated colors such as vibrant purple, flaming orange and midnight blue. This style is all about mixing and merging color and textures.

Do not be hesitant to mix and match patterns and textures as well as styles that don’t often go together. Layer covers on top of furniture and consider hanging tapestries and carpets on the walls beside your photographs and paintings. If this all seems a little overwhelming, remember that white may be used as a background for more vibrant colors.

boho sofa featuring earthy tones

What Is Boho Furniture?

Because most bohemian homes have furniture that has been gathered through time, thrifted and vintage goods are ideal for the boho decor. Each piece of furniture is unique and has its own story, so if you find one you like, you can incorporate it into the design and it will look great.

Natural fabrics and soft cushions and blankets are common features of bohemian furniture. Furniture with varying heights and colors provide a relaxing and welcoming environment. Some of the most prominent bohemian design components that have become essentials in a bohemian living room are hanging chairs, vintage coffee tables and rattan furniture.

You and your friends will greatly enjoy the comfy chairs of the Bohemian style. A warm and cozy ambiance can be created for floor seating by using throw rugs or puffy floor cushions. Streamlined or straight-backed furniture would not work in such a space since a Boho room should create an atmosphere that invites guests to “sit and linger awhile.” so it’s best to choose furniture that allows you to kick back and relax, such as daybeds, chaise longues, or armchairs.

A bohemian decor featuring soft blankets, caushions, and throw pillows

How Do You Make A Bohemian Bedroom?

Here are 6 boho decor ideas to get you started on your journey toward a bohemian lifestyle!

A wide variety of textures

In a bohemian home, one thing that’s never lacking is texture.

Considerations include decorating your walls with a tapestry, covering your furniture with a swath of blankets or throwing an array of eccentric pillows on your sofa.

Because “more is more” in bohemianism, go ahead and fill your home with all of your favorite items. Move them around and experiment with different designs and materials until you find what works best for you.

Boho home decor featuring earthy tones

Don’t overdo it with the black

If you’re going for a trendy boho look, avoid using massive, black furniture or furniture with dark-coloured wood accessories.

In contrast to the density of dark wood, the lightness of bleached and weathered wood brings a feeling of spaciousness and a freshness to the additional patterns, colors and textures you’ll be incorporating into your space. But keep in mind that it’s still a good idea to add a few darker items to your space to help it seem more balanced.

The more plants the better

Plants provide that seamless “junglee” natural atmosphere. That’s why they’re so terrific!  We cannot emphasize enough how important it is to fill your home with living plants. Don’t forget about hanging plants and vining plants. They can bring a lot of aesthetic appeal to areas of your space that are otherwise plain. Cacti are extremely popular in the bohemian decor theme, so if you can get your hands on some, do so!

Boho decor featuring biophilic principles

Layer rugs

Adding more rugs to your decor allows you to experiment with different colors and patterns. In addition, it gives your space even more texture! Layer an antique area rug with a vibrant design on top of a jute mat with natural fibers, and try stacking rugs that share similar color palettes.

Add second-hand items

When it comes to bohemian interior design, a few pieces of vintage furniture are essential to get the desired impression. The addition of anything antique to your space, be it an end table, an accent chair, or even simply a vintage tray, can provide character to your area. If the item you found at a thrift store appears to be too worn away, try tidying it up with some brightly colored paint.

a bronze vintage tray

Decorate with items you love

What’s better than enriching your house with items that you genuinely adore? This approach would be a great introduction to your new bohemian interior design. Items with a story to tell or exceptional items discovered along the way can be a delightful addition to your daily life and serve as a reminder of your adventure. It’s like going through a photo album, only you live inside it!  If you decorate with things you cherish, your home and the items in it will surely become conversation points.

We hope you’re ready to get started with our best bohemian interior design decorating tips and ideas. If you have any questions, please post them in the comments section below or schedule a free quote to get started on your budget-friendly interior design project!

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