Top 5 Tips Before Deciding on Eclectic Home Decor

Once Billy Baldwin said, “be faithful to your own taste, because nothing you really like is ever out of style.”  Nowadays, interior design is becoming more and more valuable in our lives but the design choices are so various and unlimited from the bohemian design, minimalist, traditional, rustic to the eclectic design and beyond, that it can become overwhelming. So, if you’re considering an eclectic interior design in your home but feel you need to be more informed, then this blog is going to be your guide on things you need to know before getting into eclectic home decor. Let’s get down to business! 

What Is Eclectic Interior Design?

It is a style that incorporates aspects of more than one style in a way that makes the combination look absolutely fantastic. It is an eclectic combination of furniture, decorations, and textures drawn from a wide range of design eras, executed in a laid-back manner. The term “eclectic decor” refers to a style of interior design that frequently includes a variety of bold colors and textures of surfaces, in addition to some unusual furniture and accessories.

living room featuring eclectic design

When Did Eclectic Interior Design Begin?

The eclectic style started in the late 1800s or early 1900s (1) when the architects of the era were proud of the fact that they didn’t follow any particular style and were the innovators of a new style for home decor. The lavish interiors of these grand homes were shown in books, which helped spread the eclectic style to the middle class. Less expensive imitations or the use of similar decorative elements became popular ways to decorate homes.

What Are The Elements Of Eclectic Design?

Non-matched furniture

You may think that the eclectic style is just about throwing random furniture in the space. In fact, it is about unifying the different items through colors in order to get a natural and aesthetic eclectic space.

New and old

If you’re willing to get your dream eclectic living room, you can mix different classic and modern elements from different era of time like a wooden coffee table, vintage chairs, and doors as fantastic elements that can be always present in eclectic design. 


This is one of the most important elements to create an eclectic interior design because it is the focal point of your space. The astonishing combination will be beautiful furniture and dark blue art being brought to life against a light background.

Putting different styles together

The idea behind this concept is to mix more than one style to build your own eclectic space. However, the best part of eclectic interior design is that the options of decorating are unllimited and you can be creative as much as you want.

Different Textures

Apart from focusing on choosing the suitable colors to link with the items in your eclectic home, you need to choose different contrasted textures to create a unique look. Modern yet timeless, the mixing and matching of the eclectic interior design features of metallic-gold accents alongside matte black and clear glass can create a magic space.

eclectic home decor

Pieces That Stand Out

If you are willing to get into unique eclectic home decor you’ll need to be a risk- taker because it will be required to pay attention to the mixing and matching colors of your furniture. In fact, modern furniture and art in the room’s central area create a lighthearted and carnival-like atmosphere.

a dinning area featuring warm tones and eclectic furniture

What Is An Eclectic Color Palette?

Styles from several eras and cultures are combined in an eclectic interior. All of the elements are brought together through the use of color, texture, shape and finish. This is how it all works: Color palettes might vary, but the easiest method to ensure a harmonious look is to stick to a few natural colors and neutral hues.

home decor featuring vibrant colors and rich textures

What Is The Difference Between Eclectic
And Bohemian?

Although it might sound bohemian at first because of some similarities between the two styles, there is a significant difference between them. On one hand, the bohemian style highlights more of what each person likes rather than just following common design rules. On the other hand, eclectic interior design takes design principles and twists and turns them without completely abandoning them. Balance, rhythm, proportion, and scale are some of the elements that contribute to its trend.

To sum up, eclectic home design is one of the most flexible concepts where you can be creative and free as much as you want. Yet, you need to be careful about the choice of colors so you can create a harmony between the items in your eclectic space. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns.