How to Install an Automatic Door Closer?

Looking to strengthen the security of your home or workplace? One effective measure you can take is to install an automatic door closer. This simple yet highly effective device ensures that doors remain closed, enhancing safety and security. Furthermore, this device also keeps unwanted pests out and helps to maintain optimal indoor temperatures. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the numerous benefits of an automatic door closer for homeowners and business owners alike, as well as provide helpful tips on selecting and installing the right system to meet your unique needs.

Automatic door

What Is an Automatic Door Closer?

An automatic door closer refers to a mechanism that is set up on a door which enables it to close automatically after being opened. While they are widely used in commercial and industrial settings, they can also be employed in certain residential contexts. Since there are numerous types of automatic door closers, it’s crucial to select one that is best suited for your specific requirements.

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Types of Automatic Door Closers

Hydraulic Door Closers

Among the numerous automatic door closers obtainable in the market, hydraulic door closers are a well-liked choice due to their ability to close the door automatically using a hydraulic mechanism. Hydraulic door closers operate quietly and smoothly and are thus suitable for any room in the house.

Automatic hydraulic leaver hinge door closer holder

Magnetic Door Closers

Magnetic door closers are a form of automatic door closer that employs a magnet to keep the door open before closing it. An electric current activates the magnet, and when the power is turned off, the magnet releases the door to close. Because of its longevity and ability to endure heavy usage, this kind of door closer is often utilized on commercial doors. They are also recognized for their dependability and quiet functioning. They are, nevertheless, more costly than other kinds of door closers.

Pneumatic Door Closers

These function by controlling the movement of the door using compressed air, slowing it down as it approaches the closed position to avoid slamming. They are a popular option since they are simple to install and can be modified to produce the required degree of closing force.

Electronic Door Closers

Electronic door closers, as opposed to the pneumatic type, rely on a motor or solenoid to move the door. Electronic door closers are often utilized in high-traffic locations such as hospitals, schools, and government buildings, where there is an increased security and accessibility need.

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Advantages of Automatic Door Closers

  • Improved indoor air quality: Automatic door closers ensure that doors are closed properly maintaining indoor air quality by preventing dust and other debris from entering.
  • Increased security: Automatic door closers enhance security by preventing doors from being left open which can provide unauthorized access to the building.
  • Energy efficiency: By ensuring that doors are closed properly, automatic door closers can help reduce energy costs by preventing air conditioning or heating from escaping the building.
  • Ease of installation: You will not need an expert to implement an automatic door closer since they are simple to set up.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Because automatic door closers are fairly inexpensive, you will not have to spend a fortune to enjoy their advantages.
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How to Install an Automatic Door Closer?


  • Hex keys
  • Painter’s tape
  • Drill driver
  • Tape measure
  • A pencil
  • Speed square
  • #3 Phillips bit 
  • Utility knife
  • Drill bits

1. Mark the drilling placements

In case the kit you have includes a template, you might have the option to choose between left and right-hand doors. Ensure that the template you’re using is suitable for the door, then cut it out and attach it as per the instructions. If no template is provided, follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to mark the locations of the holes. It’s critical to measure the distance from the hinge side of the door. Use a pencil to mark the distance between the holes, and then use a speed square to draw vertical lines at both pencil marks. Lastly, measure the height of each hole on the vertical pencil lines with a tape measure.

2. Drill the holes

Drill the holes

Begin by utilizing a power drill to produce pilot holes in the areas you marked. Once this is done, you can switch to the appropriate bit, which is usually 3/16, but it’s best to confirm this by checking the instructions. It is essential to not go too deep when using a drill on a door; a hole of ¾ inch is usually enough.

3. Install the automatic door closer

Handyman Installing And Fixing Door Closer

For this task, you’ll need to use a #3 Phillips bit which is commonly used for tightening screws in various types of door hardware. Attach the door closer to the door using the screws provided in the kit and follow the instructions carefully to ensure that you install it the right way.

4. Attach the swingarm bracket

Using the #3 Phillips bit that you used earlier, attach the swingarm’s bracket to the door jamb using the hardware provided in the kit. It may be easier to detach the arm from the closer during this step, as it can be challenging to access and apply sufficient force on some of the holes on the closer.

5. Attach the swingarm to the closer

If you did detach the swingarm from the closer, now is the time to reattach and adjust it to ensure that it closes correctly. Refer to the instructions that came with the kit, but usually, this involves loosening the set screw on the arm and adjusting it so that the jamb side of the swingarm is at a right angle to the jamb.

Attach the swing arm to the closer

Installing an automatic door closer is not as tricky as it may initially seem. Equipped with the right tools and hardware, anyone can install these closers quickly and easily. With precise installation, regular oiling of the hinges, and keeping track of any minor damages, your automatic door closer should give you years of reliable service.