What Color Do Countertops Go With Oak Cabinets?

Oak cabinets have long been a popular choice for kitchens. You can’t go wrong with oak cabinets thanks to their classic neutral color and long-lasting durability. However, many homeowners have a hard time deciding which countertop color will best complement them, so the hunt for the perfect match can be a bit challenging.

In addition to its visual effect, a kitchen countertop‘s time and cost to install make it a significant decorative decision. The kind of counter surface you choose will be determined by your own preferences, the regularity and extent of your use, and the aesthetics of your house as a whole. Choosing the right color and material for your countertop will also be a large part of your decision. 

Certainly there is a lot to consider, but don’t worry, we’ve got your back! We’ve accumulated a complete and comprehensive guide to help you in the process of renovating your kitchen countertop decor. Let’s start with the essentials.

Oak Cabinets and color Countertops

What To Keep In Mind Before Deciding?

Preferences can change over time

When picking countertop colors, keep in mind the color palette of the space. Matching the countertops to a paint color can look stunning, but bear in mind that your color preferences may change and the interior may need to be repainted. Heavily colored countertops designed to complement paint, accessory or furniture colors can quickly appear outdated. Consider a countertop with veins or splashes of your preferred color such as patterned quartz to give you more alternatives.

Sampling Is key

The majority of countertop selections are made seperately from the store you will purchase them at, with only samples in hand. While this is convenient for the store and your own shopping experience, samples do not fully portray what the final install will look and feel like. If feasible, take a look at all of the lighting aspects of the space. For example, paint and cabinet samples should be held or attached vertically while floor and countertop samples should be held horizontally. The lighting can change everything.

Don't forget about the rest of the room's components

Focusing just on cabinetry and countertops may result in a kitchen that seems out-of-place and unfinished. For instance, when paired with wood cabinets and gray-colored counters, stainless steel appliances create a polished and sophisticated appearance.

cabinetry and countertops

What Should You Avoid When Designing Your Dream Kitchen?

  • A little bravery could go a long way toward making your kitchen great. Don’t go crazy with your choices, though, as some of them may distract from the overall look. To avoid going overboard, pair one of your bolder alternatives with something neutral to achieve a more balanced look.
  • Be careful if you are thinking of picking different accent pieces in your kitchen; assuming they will immediately fit together could be risky. An eclectic style is usually only appropriate for furniture. Don’t pick two separate elements and expect them to work together if you haven’t tested how they look together. If you’re not sure how they’ll appear, consult with a trustworthy specialist to help you visualize the style you’re looking for.
Designing Your Dream Kitchen

Color Essentials

Identify three colors

The best place to begin is with three colors: two major and one accent. The two major colors should generally be complementary and plain, while the third color serves as an accent and provides visual intrigue. For example, if you’ve chosen a countertop type with multiple colors, your accent color should be one of those hues.

Consider utilizing a simple color scheme for the cabinetry and a more vibrant color for the accent.

Color scheme selection

As we mentioned earlier, having three colors in mind can help you put your kitchen design together, but how do you choose the colors? Here are some tips to help you get a better grasp on decor color schemes.

  • Brighter colors and sharper contrasts, such as black and white, are used in modern and contemporary rooms, whereas classic designs prefer warmer, more neutral hues with softer contrasts.
  • A pairing can be either opposing or complementing. Contrasting pairing, as the name implies, combines contrasting hues to add visual appeal to a room. Light-colored wood cabinets, floors and countertops may provide a strong visual differentiation while still maintaining a cohesive aesthetic.

Which Countertop's Colors Match Oak Cabinets Perfectly?

warm quartz tones

You can warm your decor with earthy tones: Highlight the inherent warmth of oak cabinetry to give your kitchen a warm, cozy feel. Red oak cabinets in particular provide a noticeable warm vibe in the kitchen, especially when combined with warm quartz tones. Combine golden colors with your oak cabinets, such as a caramel-colored quartz countertop or any other quartz countertop with natural tones for a beautiful blend.

Black for a bold touch

Black countertops are an excellent way to add an eye-catching and dramatic accent to your kitchen. Because it is a dark shade, it is ideal for large, well-lit spaces. If you wish to mix black-colored quartz countertops with oak cabinets but don’t have enough natural light, artificial lighting can be used to brighten up the room. 

Black countertops

Gray for a modern feel

While a deeper tone, gray still manages to soften a space and it’s a great choice for homeowners seeking a peaceful, yet contemporary aesthetic; gray hues can bring out the character of mild wood while still offering an edgy touch.

Gray for a modern feel

A beige shade for a warm appearance

Beige is a popular mid-tone countertop color that beautifully compliments oak cabinets. The result? A serene and harmonious look. Beige offers a simple look without overwhelming the space and fits the color of the gorgeous wood cabinetry perfectly.

Whether you prefer traditional wood designs or want something more contemporary, learning how to design around oak cabinetry is necessary. Light-colored counters, as we observed, work well for modernizing oak cabinets, while darker alternatives are ideal for a stylish design.

Do you have a kitchen remodeling job coming up? Do you want to turn your kitchen into an oak haven? Please feel free to contact us and check out our eco-friendly countertops collection. Our team is eager to help you get your dream kitchen.